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Please apply for the venue for the PTCOG-AO2025.
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  • 2023-07-10 20:16:49

We are having applications for the venue for PTCOG-AO2025 in 2025.

As you already know PTCOG-AO2023 is holding in Taiwan this year.

and PTCOG-AO2024 will hold in Singapore with PTCOG international conference.

so we looking for a venue for PTCOG-AO2025.

The venue for PTCOG-AO2025 will be voted on at the ptcog-AO2023 steering committee meeting this year.

If you have interesting in the venue of PTCOG-AO2025. 

Please apply to the PTCOG-AO2023 steering committee meeting vote.​ 



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