PTCOG Asia-Oceania


Mission & Vision

The mission of PTCOG-AO:

Asia-Oceania Particle Therapy Cooperative Group (PTCOG-AO) aims to facilitate the best possible use of particle therapy for patients in the Asian-Oceanian region through a harmonized effort among particle therapy specialists to provide patients with the most advanced cancer treatment of our time. PTCOG-AO aims to achieve this by establishing and upholding common standards in particle therapy, ensuring the delivery of high-quality therapy for each disease condition.

Offering the Best Particle Therapy to Patients:

PTCOG-AO is committed to ensuring patients receive the most effective and appropriate particle therapy for their medical conditions. By promoting collaboration among medical professionals, researchers, and experts in particle therapy, PTCOG-AO aims to establish guidelines and standards that identify the patients who can benefit the most from particle therapy.

Effective and Responsible, Scientific development of Particle Therapy and its technology:

PTCOG-AO recognizes the importance of continuously advancing and improving particle therapy as a treatment option. Through research, education, and knowledge sharing, PTCOG-AO facilitates particle therapy's effective and responsible development. Additionally, PTCOG-AO promotes the adoption of emerging technologies and techniques that improve the precision, effectiveness, and accessibility of particle therapy.

Establishing Common Particle Therapy Standards:

PTCOG-AO focuses on establishing and maintaining common standards in particle therapy to achieve the mission. By bringing experts of diverse backgrounds together, PTCOG-AO develops consensus-based guidelines and protocols for all aspects of particle therapy, including patient selection, treatment planning, quality assurance, and follow-up care. These standards help ensure that patients receive consistent and high-quality care regardless of the treatment facility they visit, thus promoting equity and patient-centeredness in particle therapy.